Spotify hitting 70 million subscriber

Amid its
steady move to go public as Spotify filed with SEC last December, the online
music streaming company just pocketed its 70th million paid subscriber. A marvelous
landmark compared to Apple Music’s 30 million subscribers, and a shine of light
in the midst of a $1.6 billion lawsuit with Wixen Music Publishing forSpotify’s possible copyright infringement.



Winter is
not coming this year

Credit: Barnes and Noble

Game of
Thrones‘ final is set to air in 2019 with only six episodes. While it is
psychologically dampening for the fans to wait another year, we will see how
the numerous loose ends in the plot will be demystified in the final 360


GoPro cut
200-300 jobs in drone division

Credit: tech bakbak

to TechCrunch, GoPro cut 200-300 jobs from its aerial product line on Thursday
but will keep the impacted employees on payroll until February 16. The sport
camera company faced emerging competitions from cheaper alternatives and
improved smartphone camera features, leading to an inept leap to drone market,
which resulted in a mass recall last year due to technical limitations.

Kalanick to sell 29% shares in Uber

Credit: nytimes

As part of
the SoftBank deal, Uber founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick is reportedly to
sell around one third of his shares in Uber in exchange for about $1.4 billion as part
of the tender offer. Kalanick currently owns about 10% of Uber and this deal
will greatly strip his clout in the company including being appointed chairman
of the board.

Ethereum hit $1,000 mark

Credit: CNN 

one of the hottest cryptocurrency in the market, just hit $1,000 for the first
time on various exchange platforms, capping a total market capitalization of
$100 billion. 

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