Israeli tech company Sightful has introduced a revolutionary device that could transform mobile work: Spacetop G1. This innovative screenless laptop reimagines personal computing by using augmented reality (AR) glasses instead of a traditional screen.

Spacetop G1 features a base unit that contains the computing power, battery, keyboard, webcam, noise-canceling microphones, and a touchpad for navigation. The magic happens when you don the AR glasses connected to it: a virtual 100-inch screen appears in your field of view, creating a flexible private workspace.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, Spacetop G1 boasts 5G, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. The glasses provide 1920×1080 pixels per eye with a 90Hz refresh rate and can be customized with prescription lenses ranging from -8.00D to +6.00D. The device includes two USB-C ports for charging and for outputting a 1080p mirror to a physical DisplayPort monitor, allowing content to be shared. Sightful claims Spacetop G1 offers up to eight hours of battery life and can charge from 0% to 85% in under two hours with its 63W USB-C charger.

With its virtual screen, users can organize apps and windows to suit their workflow, even expanding the workspace to fill their entire surroundings. This innovation could revolutionize the way we work, especially for those who find traditional laptop screens restrictive. Sightful sees Spacetop G1 as a game-changer for remote work, travel, and collaborative projects, with its expansive, customizable workspace being a major attraction. Its lightweight design and long battery life further enhance its portability.

Early reviews of Spacetop G1 are mixed. Some users praise its innovative concept and seamless AR integration, while others express concerns about potential eye strain, reliance on glasses, and the learning curve associated with a new interaction model. Additionally, as a new platform, it may lack the extensive software library of traditional laptops. The device’s price, starting at $1,900, is also a factor to consider, while not unusual for cutting-edge technology, it is a significant investment.

It’s too soon to determine definitively whether Spacetop G1 is a groundbreaking product or a niche experiment. However, it represents a bold move towards the potential of spatial computing. The device challenges us to rethink the physical limitations of our devices and imagine a future where workspaces are as flexible as our imaginations. If you’re intrigued by the concept of a screenless laptop and ready to embrace a new interaction paradigm, Spacetop G1 might be the innovation you’ve been waiting for. However, if you’re satisfied with your current setup, it might be wise to wait and see how this technology develops.

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