Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 15 series phones this fall, which will use the USB-C port to comply with new EU laws mandating the use of the open standard for electronic devices.

However, there are rumors that Apple may enforce its MFi certification program for USB-C accessories, such as charging cables and accessories. This certification program allows MFi accessories to perform optimally when charging and transferring data on Apple devices, while non-certified third-party products may not be compatible with the iPhone or may not function correctly.

If Apple were to enforce this MFi standard, the company could potentially violate EU laws and face significant fines.

One possible solution for Apple to avoid such rules is to limit the charging speed to just below 15W. However, this would likely be viewed unfavorably by customers and have a negative impact on the market.

Apple could still take advantage of a loophole since there are no regulations regarding data transfer speeds. This means that Apple can develop its own accessories that are faster and more capable when it comes to speed.

It’s worth noting that even Apple’s current flagship 14 series still uses the USB 2.0 connectivity introduced with the first iPhone in 2007, they are practically still living in the technological stone age. Perhaps it is time for Apple to take a step forward and usher in the new universal USB-C era.

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