In the near future, Microsoft Word will introduce a new keyboard shortcut that will allow users to “Paste Text Only” This feature will allow you to copy text from various sources and paste it into a Word document without any formatting. To access this feature on Windows, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V, while Mac users can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + V. The keyboard shortcut for pasting plain text already exists in Microsoft Teams, Word for the Web, Gmail, and a few other applications. This feature is now being integrated into the desktop versions of Word.

Currently, the Plain Text Only keyboard shortcut is only available to Microsoft 365 Home and Microsoft 365 Business Standard Insiders running Windows version 16.0.15831.20174 or later or Mac version 16.67.1113.0 or later. However, it will soon be available for non-insiders as well.

“In the case of keyboard shortcuts, the industry standard has diverged from Word’s initial implementation of these features. Indeed, users expect that Ctrl + Shift + V will paste plain text, so when this doesn’t work, the experience can be frustrating. The Word team heard about this problem from users, so we’re updating keyboard shortcuts as a direct response to your feedback. Accessibility is a priority for Word, and we want to make the cut, copy, paste experience as seamless as possible.” The company explained.

In addition to the “Paste Text Only” keyboard shortcut, Microsoft Word is introducing other keyboard shortcuts that are commonly used in web browsers and the Word web app. For example, you can now zoom in or out by pressing Ctrl and the plus or minus keys. Pressing Ctrl+0 zooms the document back to 100%, and holding down the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel also zooms in and out. These keyboard shortcuts are also available to Mac users, but the Cmd key replaces the Ctrl key.

With these new keyboard shortcuts, users can easily zoom in and out of their documents without having to navigate through menus or use the mouse. This can improve productivity and streamline the editing process for users who frequently work with documents that require zooming.

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