South Korea is planning a bold move in a direction no country has gone before by launching 6G network services in 2028, two years earlier than originally planned, according to the ICT (Information Communication Technology) ministry. The goal is to gain early dominance over the future mobile spectrums and become the wireless overlords of the future.

Under its K-Network 2030 plan, the South Korean government will secure world-class 6G technology, develop innovative next-generation software-based mobile networks, and strengthen network supply chains. They are determined to stay ahead of the game and have decided to put the pedal to the metal by launching two years ahead of schedule.

The government is also encouraging local companies to produce 6G materials, components, and equipment domestically. The goal is to develop an open RAN that is compatible with any mobile device and gives mobile operators and enterprises the flexibility to offer services.

In other words, South Korea is taking a page out of the “build it and they will come” playbook.
The feasibility study for a 6G core technology research and development project worth 625.3 billion won is underway. That’s a hefty price tag, but it’s worth it to ensure South Korea stays ahead in the global race for future network infrastructure. After all, the country that controls the wireless network controls the world.

South Korea is already leading the race for 5G development with a high number of 5G patents. In fact, it is second only to China in terms of the number of patents. The South Korean government wants to increase its patent competition for 6G networks to 30% or more. This is a bold step, but we have no doubt that they’re up for the challenge.

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