Samsung has developed a cabinet called Bespoke Shoe Dresser that allows you to keep your shoes in optimal condition by deodorizing, drying and sterilizing them. This way you can dry and freshen up your shoes after every wear. The cabinet was unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The company demonstrated how the cabinet uses UV radiation to kill bacteria and viruses and prevent foul odors from forming in the soles of shoes.

Source: Samsung

As part of Samsung’s Bespoke series, “Bespoke” means customized, and therein lies the fact that many of the products here can have different colors or features that are precisely tailored to different preferences.

Source: Samsung

According to the results of a recent survey of Korean consumers conducted by Samsung Electronics, the biggest concern for shoe care was deodorization. Samsung says its shoe care device uses Air Wash, the core technology of Air Dresser, and more advanced UV (ultraviolet) technology to combat typical sweat and foot odors, as well as a range of other odors.

The exclusive “Jet Shoe Tree” accessory allows you to conveniently mount a variety of footwear, such as sneakers or long boots. When in use, the Air Wash reaches every corner of the shoe and effectively removes odor particles. 95 percent of the most annoying odors are removed with the help of steam and filtration. And most of them should be gone after one full cycle in the cupboard. Still, you can not guarantee that a little residual odor will not remain on shoes that previously had a very strong scent.

Source: Samsung

Bespoke Shoe Dresser is equipped with “Low-Temperature Delicate Drying Heat Pump” technology, which dries the cold moisture in shoes caused by sweat or the external environment to a temperature of 40℃ or less, which is similar to human body temperature and keeps shoes in a comfortable condition. Besides, xenon UVC lamps are used to remove 99.9% of viruses such as influenza, adenovirus, herpes and harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

Bespoke Shoe Dresser costs about $900 – $990 and is available in four color options – cotta white, cotta charcoal, glam greenery, and glam sun yellow. Although it is not yet available in America, Samsung may develop another version for Western markets.

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