Wireless cameras are one of the hottest security products right now as you can install them anywhere the signal reaches, and without having to worry about power supply (we all know how annoying and expensive it is to power devices outdoors). When WUUK approached us three weeks ago, we had a lot of stuff on our plates. Security cameras are admittedly not the most exciting products to try out, but the actual testing really only requires time, so we thought “why not!”. We’re glad we did, as the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro has proven to be one of the best wireless cameras we have ever tested.

When it comes to a wireless security camera, what you first and foremost want is stability, you want to be able to trust it. I have tested quite a few wireless cameras, from cheap to expensive. They all seem to have connection issues, to varying degrees. If a camera’s connection is always unstable or easily interfered with by other electronic devices, I do not think anyone would want that camera, no matter how great its other features are.

This is what surprised me the most about the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro: Connectivity. Of all the wireless cameras we’ve tested, it has the best signal range and connectivity in this price range, and to be fair, it also outperforms many of the more expensive models. The Base Station is the biggest contributor to the excellent connectivity, as it bridges to the Internet and stores all the data captured by the cameras locally. That the storage unit is separate from the camera means better performance for both devices, since there are two separate parts responsible for recording and data processing, respectively. There is another advantage of the design: even if the camera gets damaged or stolen (it is to be used outdoors, after all), the data in the Base Station will remain safe and sound. The Base Station works with the WUUK app to deliver a seamless experience and amazing connectivity, I hardly felt any image lag or fluctuation during testing, everything ran smoothly and as it should for any decent wireless camera.

The camera is designed for use outdoors, with an IP67 waterproof rating making it capable of withstanding all sorts of weather, and a diagonal 135° field of view. As I live in an apartment in the city, we did all the testing indoors with my cats acting as models/”wildlife”. We also left it in the shower for half an hour to test if it is waterproof, and we’re happy to report it is! 2K is basically a threshold for any camera these days, but for a wireless camera, what matters most is how smooth and stable it operates. I always set the image quality to the highest level that the devices offer for testing, and as I mentioned earlier, the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro has great connectivity, even in 2K.

Given the limited battery capacity, it’s very important that wireless camera manufacturers keep overall performance in mind, and make the right additions and subtractions by prioritizing the most useful features while leaving out anything unnecessary or gimmicky. That being said, the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro‘s built-in 9600 mAh battery does a really good job. During the two-week test, we found that if you use the camera for monitoring in 2K with motion detection enabled, it consumes about 2-3% of the battery per week.

If you install the camera to guard your front door, the WUUK Wireless Cam Pro can be used as a smart doorbell as it has a two-way audio call and records quick responses. It also has a theft alarm and a sound modifier for security. The camera can detect motion and human activity and then notify you when needed (it’s not perfect yet, you can improve the AI by answering the system’s quick quiz).

I would also like to commend the team at WUUK for the design of the user interface. It is extremely user-friendly while being comprehensive enough to provide you with all the controls you need. From basic settings like changing the image quality and taking snapshots to network diagnostics, auto-reply with different voices, and even detection modes and sensitivity control, you can easily do it all in the WUUK app. The app also automatically tags the videos with “motion” and “human detection” so you can quickly find what you need when browsing the recorded footage.

The camera has black and white IR vision at night and you can also turn on the built-in LED light to illuminate the environment and capture footage in color, which I do not usually do as I do not want to reveal the existence of the camera and disturb my cats. It’s still very nice that they kept this feature, as many people will find it very useful. You can see the comparison in the photos below:

I have tested many security cameras in the past, but either there were problems or the videos and images were stored online on servers that were vulnerable to hacking and made me feel a lack of privacy. Since WUUK offers a great product and stores data locally, this may be the first time I actually want to keep the cameras in use after the testing period – I use one to watch what the cats are up to while I am away and the other as a surveillance camera outside my front door.

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