The launch of the Tesla Sem has been delayed several times, but Tesla has reportedly begun accepting pre-orders for the electric truck from regular customers, indicating that the electric truck is one step closer to launch.

According to the official website, customers who pre-order an electric truck must pay a $20,000 deposit ($15,000 of which must be paid via wire transfer). However, Tesla has not made any changes to the production and launch date of this vehicle and will continue to launch it next year.

Tesla Semi was introduced in 2017 along with the second generation of the Roadster electric supercar. This electric truck is an innovative product that aims to change the traditional truck market. It has a range of 800 kilometers on a single charge, can be recharged quickly and accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 20 seconds when fully loaded.

Prices for the Tesla Semi currently start at $150,000. This makes it competitive for long-haul logistics companies looking to cut fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

But just like the second-generation supercar unveiled at the same time, the Tesla Semi project has stalled, repeatedly delaying production and launch. The main reason is that Tesla is facing a shortage of chips in the global auto industry and also needs to solve the problem of the production capacity of 4680 lithium batteries used in the electric trucks.

Tesla is not too concerned about the production time of the Tesla Semi. The company’s competitor, Nikola Corporation, has also launched electric trucks but is slow to expand its production capacity. Moreover, the electric trucks launched by other traditional truck brands such as Freightliner are not that bad. So Tesla has entered a relatively young electric truck market, and Tesla’s brand recognition and technology will become a competitive advantage in the battle for market share.

In the media analysis, it was pointed out that the reservation of Tesla Semi does not mean that they can be delivered soon, but to secure future sales. For example, Tesla previously launched an electric pickup truck and then began taking reservations (by the end of last year, the company had received 1.3 million reservations). In this way, Tesla has secured billions in future revenue, regardless of when the electric pickup is delivered.

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