It’s no secret that Volkswagen will release an electric version of its iconic public bus in 2022, and now the date for the unveiling has been set. If you are more than average ready to see a far more modern version of the iconic old charmer, mark your calendar for March 9.

That’s the date Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess gave when tweeting about a returning legend, and there’s no mistaking the accompanying drawing.

So far, the car is known only by the concept name ID.Buzz. We do not know if this name will be retained after March 9, but we suspect that a number will come into play.

The new Volkswagen will come in two different versions – a regular electric car and an electric van. In addition, there will probably also be different variants where you can choose depending on engine power, range and equipment level.

Beyond that, we can say little with certainty, as Volkswagen reveals very little on its websites. But we do learn that the electric van is “larger than the Caddy and smaller than the Transporter” and that sales of both models will begin sometime in 2022.

We are also promised “innovative technology” equipped with lights that are very eye-catching and supposedly communicate with passersby.

There was talk of a rear-wheel drive version with about 200 horsepower, and a more expensive four-wheel drive version with about 300 horsepower. But even that could turn out to be completely wrong. So maybe it’s best to wait for the world premiere on March 9 and go from there.

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