Reddit user u/Hippowned has shared a screenshot from Google Maps that shows a jet that is no ordinary aircraft. The aircraft, which was imaged by a satellite, is a Northrop B-2 Spirit, also known as the “Stealth Bomber.” The plane was specially designed to fly without being detected by radar and anti-aircraft guns.

The viral user has already received more than 109,000 upvotes right now due to his interesting content. In order for other people to see the photo for themselves, the Reddit user has also provided the coordinates of the image.

The satellite image on Google Maps shows the plane as it flies over a deserted area in Missouri in the United States.

Nevertheless, the image shows that it was not quiet on the ground when the picture was taken. That’s because you can see the plane as a kind of silhouette in four different colors. And you can see where the heat from the engines is being released in two straight streams behind the plane. Other than that, there’s little to identify the plane other than the fact that it has a completely distinctive design. If you want to find the plane yourself, the coordinates should be: 39 01 18.5N 93 35 40.5W

According to Wikipedia, the B-2 is the only acknowledged aircraft capable of carrying large air-to-ground standoff weapons in a stealth configuration. The B-2 made its combat debut in 1999 during the Kosovo War. It was also responsible for destroying 33% of selected Serbian bombing targets during the first eight weeks of U.S. involvement in the war. The most recent engagement we could find was on Jan. 18, 2017, when two B-2s attacked an ISIS training camp 19 miles (30 km) southwest of Sirte, Libya, killing about 85 militants.

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, GUAM — F-16 Fighting Falcons, F-18 Hornets and a B-2 Spirit, line the Andersen flight line during Exercise Valiant Shield, 22 June, 2006. Valiant Shield 2006, the U.S. Pacific Command exercise, which runs June 19 to 23, will be conducted in the vicinity of Guam. Valiant Shield focuses on integrated joint training and interoperability among U.S. military forces while responding to a range of mission scenarios. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Staff Sgt Bennie J. Davis III)
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