I have to admit I’m usually not the one you should trust with using power tools. My most proud achievement for home building is to finish assembling an Ikea bed in one day.

So I would need someone like Micheal Young, who spent six years designing the “Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser” to design easy to use and safe tools for me.

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Young’s invention is a nail gun and a hammer in one, and it’s not a powered tool. It uses the same nails you can put in a nail gun. The hammer has an extra slot to store them. On the side of the hammer there is a trigger. Once you open up the safe, a light tap will dislodge a nail, and you can knock it in after.

Young planned to change from using plastic to titanium after he could gather up support. You can hit him up on YouTube to show your interest here.

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  1. Were can I buy this hammer. And how much.?

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