So we’ve seen the fake Obama making a speech that can probably fake out a lot of people. Now in China, the state-owned news agency Xinhua and internet company Sogou released a video showing a fake news anchor.

It’s getting easier to create fake content impersonating other people, and even the Snapchat face swap function is getting more and more sophisticated. The fake Obama video still requires the talents of Jordan Peele to complete the heist. The Xinhua video is completely created with AI using one of the network’s real anchors.

In the video, not only the mouth behaves like a real news anchor, the AI managed to reproduce the subtle should and eyebrow movement.

However, if you are freaking out, the AI news anchor still has a long way to go. The lip movement is still not as real as a real person. Even if it is, there are methods to spot out the fakes.

One of them is the blinking pattern. Matching a real person’s natural blinking is difficult. It is a subtle language the AI wasn’t able to master yet.

The fact checkers could also see the subtle change in the color of the person’s face base on a regular heart rate.

However, it is unclear if the technology could get even better in a few years.

To watch the full video here. 

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  1. In India now fake news become a million dollar business except some News channel like NDTV still battling the truth war.

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