The L5 or the “Ribbon Gun” isn’t your conventional rifle. The five-bore single barrel rifle can fire five bullets simultaneously with just a single pull of the trigger.

The L5 uses electronically-fired bullet and could fire at 250 rounds per second. The system not only makes the process more efficient for soldiers but also increase accuracy and range forgoing the conventional mechanic setup.   

The product took almost decades back to develop. Martin Grier, the man behind the product spent more than $500,000 of his personal savings to design it.

For this model, Grier increased the speed of firing and addressed the common issues of jamming and overheating in a normal fire gun. The bullet storage block has been designed to eject the heat accumulated in the chamber generated in the firing.  

However, there are still a lot of questions for this prototype to answer, including performance in high or low-temperature environment, and other consistency issues. 

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