Stairs are the enemy of people who are at an advanced age. Constantly seeking aid from others makes them feel weak and humiliated. But is it possible to avoid stairs altogether? Well unfortunately no!

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Elevators often break down and many old buildings do not even have one. The solution to this very real problem comes in the form of a pioneering new invention called Stair Steady.<o:p></o:p>

The Stair Steady is a superior quality handle which can be used on fixed handrails and slide to support a person while taking the stairs.



The handle has been designed to move freely when pushed but locks in place with the application of weight. It acts as a solid support while going up or down a flight of stairs.

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The Stair Steady handle is extremely sturdy and secure and lets the person have both hands in front of as they climb or descend the stairs at their own pace. The handle can be folded away when not in use therefore making it very much portable.

The Stair Steady is useful in a lot of diverse situations. Apart from the elderly, people who are recovering from serious illnesses like a stroke or a physical injury can use a product like the Stair Steady.



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People with long-term conditions that affect stability like Cancer, diabetes, obesity, and amputations can also benefit from a product like the Stair Steady. The Stair Steady is flexible and can be used by more than one person with an extra handle and end piece.<o:p></o:p>

The Stair Steady was conceptualized by Ruth Amos, of Sheffield UK, for her school GCSE course when she was just 15 years old. She won a number of awards including the prestigious ‘Young Engineer for Great Britain’ for inventing the Stair Steady. 

 In 2013 the Stair Steady was awarded ‘Best Established Product’ by the British Healthcare Trade Association. Stair Steady is now sold through a network of local Dealers in the UK and has recently branched out to other areas of Europe and also Canada.



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The Stair Steady is manufactured in the UK in accordance with the highest ISO 9000 standard. The company is very careful about maintaining product quality. The Stair Steady is quick and easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. 

The Stair Steady is not just another self help product; it’s an initiative to ensure the safety of individuals with special needs while helping them maintain their independence.  <o:p></o:p>

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