Are you someone who loves having barbecues but think it’s just too much work? Do you and your friends love cycling to picnic spots? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you need the Knister Grill is the perfect product for you. It’s nice to be able to cycle to the park on a bright sunny day and have a picnic with a delicious barbecue. 

But unfortunately most traditional grills are too heavy and bulky to fit on a bicycle. Instead of trying to tow a full sized barbecue behind your bike try the new compact Knister Grill.

The Knister weighs around 4.5 Kg only and attaches to any type of bike handlebar with the help of a removable and adjustable steel bracket. Once you reach your destination the Grill can be pulled off its mount and set up anywhere you want it with the help of the provided steel legs.

The inside of the grill is perfect for storing everything from coal and condiments to napkins, cutlery, and food. Therefore there is no need to carry additional baggage to the picnic spot. 

 The great thing about the Knister is that it is perfect for both small and large groups of people. The small sized grill can be extended to feed a group of up to 10 people. For a smaller group of two to three, it can be left small in order to save coal.

The main grill rack has two parts – one with wider slots for things like meat and other proteins. The other one has narrower slots for smaller items such as veggies and mushrooms.

The grill takes only a few minutes to cool and can be transported easily back on a bicycle. The interlocking stacked grill racks keep any residual coal dust from blowing into the riders face while biking. The Knister can be taken apart and the grills are dishwasher safe. Therefore keeping the grill clean takes minimum effort.

The Knister was constructed by Munich-based entrepreneur Carolin Kunert. She teamed up with her friend and neighbor Justus Rudolf to market her design of the portable barbecue grill that she had designed. Together they developed the idea and started the Kickstarter campaign that led to its popularity. 

Through the Kickstarter campaign, they plan to raise enough money to properly market the Knister. 


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