Today’s world is pretty demanding. Technologically speaking, everyone is expected to be connected all the time and everyone wants to be connected too. Instant sharing of your life, real time updates of your adventures and posting pictures for all to see are just a normal part of your everyday. But how do you stay online when you are off the grid? How do you keep your devices charged when you are kayaking through the Belize Barrier Reef?<o:p></o:p>





The Enomad Uno is the answer to all your concerns. It is a portable water power generator that will make the energy to charge any USB -connected devices from moving water. Staying off the grid has never been so easy. Perfect to take with you on any water adventure like fishing, sailing, kayaking or canoeing and works with either fresh or salt water.<o:p></o:p>



Weighing only 628 grams its compact design allows it to fit into your backpack making it easily portable. It is also incredibly easy to use. You just place the Enomad Uno into the water – it can stay put in already moving water such as a stream or river or you can pull it behind your paddle board, canoe, or yacht to create motion. The moving water moves the turbine and energy is made and stored in the built-in battery. Enough energy is created to charge two and a half smart phones. And when you aren’t charging it can also act as a lantern.<o:p></o:p>

Water is one the worlds most powerful and reliable energy resources – it won’t run out. As long as you have access to water you can create energy with the Enomad Uno. Nothing additional is needed no external batteries, or fuel. Your own personal power plant is as simple as the Enomad Uno and water.<o:p></o:p>



Get yours today for $280 USD.<o:p></o:p>

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