So, we’ve been going on a lot about being free from your
desk, working from anywhere, traveling, summertime, beaches, camping, and
basically just getting outside and away from it all. You might be tired of it (or
you might not be) but we can’t help it. Especially when gadgets like this one
become a reality. Can you imagine how mobile you can be if you could carry your
laptop in your pocket? Well the 5” Mini PC you can help do exactly that and
live that lifestyle.<o:p></o:p>

This 5” mini PC is nothing to laugh at. It means business
and so can you. It is filled with all the features you would expect from your
standard laptop and then some. It has a 128 GB solid state drive, 8 GB of RAM,
2.56 GHz Intel Atom x7-Z8750 Processor, HDMI Port, USB ports, USB-C ports, an
Ethernet Port, Dual Band Wifi Capability, Bluetooth 4.2 Connection, and
complete Windows 10 OS. All of that power and it fits into the palm of your

And not only that but to remain compact its keyboard is foldable for easy storage and portability.  

The HDMI output port can connect to any TV and play your favorite
PC games, HD movies, or TV shows. You have On-The-Go entertainment with you at anytime.
This gives you the big screen experience even when in reality your screen is only
5”. Although the screen runs on a perfect 1280×720 resolution leaving you with
crystal clear images. It has a 6-hour battery life so you can watch two movies
and play some games before you need to think about recharging. 
The Mini PC also
runs silently. It doesn’t need fans to stay cool with its aluminum casing and
advanced engineered heat sinks making its use quiet and not disturbing.


All of this tech can be yours for a ridiculously affordable
$149 USD.



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