1. UN banned a Korean University for developing lethal AI weapon

More than 50 AI researchers from 30 countries signed a letter expressing concerns over plans developing lethal AI weaponries by a leading Korean university. In response, the university said it would not be developing “autonomous lethal weapons.” Lead researchers claimed the technology will be centered on developing algorithms for efficient logistical systems, unmanned navigation and aviation training systems. Despite ceaseless explanation over the past few months, UN still boycotted the university’s collaboration with weapon manufacturer Hanwha Systems. 

2. 5G is coming 

Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three all won the bandwidth needed for the future 5G mobile internet services. 5G is expected to provide much faster connections than the existing system. According to spokesperson at O2, 5G will improve data speeds on mobile devices and will help free up much needed bandwidth. 5G was expected to be launched until 2020, but scientist said this technology might come sooner than we thought. 

3.Apple is getting talent from Google

Compared to google’s drastic advance in AI, Apple seems to be little behind. On Tuesday, Apple announced that the company will hire John Ginnandrea, a former Google head of search and AI to lead its machine learning and AI strategy. Giannandrea joined Google in 2010 after it acquired the search start-up Metaweb. Analysts believe that the company’s strong stance on users’ data protection may be the biggest challenge Ginnandrea to develop its machine learning division. 

4. Twitter suspends over 1.2 million accounts for terrorist content 

For decade, twitter and Facebook have been on the verge of being a medium for terrorist to propaganda their ideologies. Facebook isn’t cracking down on the toxic side of its service, but Twitter decides to take actions. The company’s biannual transparency report released amid increasing scrutiny on social networks and Facebook’s scandal. 

5. Alexa is getting new features

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Amazon AI assistant Alexa now is able to send out announcements to family members. The new feature allows Alexa to notify everyone within a household that the dinner is ready. The process is not complicated. Just start with a command “Alexa, tell everyone.” Then, the AI assistant will deliver the message right away. 

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