Sealver Waveboat is pretty amazing in combining jet skiing and boating into
one, as these two are often very different on-water activities. Produced out in
France, the Sealver Waveboat let you dock your jet ski inside the boat and
pilot the whole unit from the jet ski. Weighing at around 350 kg, The PWC
extension stretches 15 feet long and sits up to 6 people (3-4 on boat depending
on the model and 2 on jet ski). This jet-powered boat can attain maximum speed
of over 50 mph. And when anchored or shored, the jet ski can detach from the
boat in seconds by simply reversing and go on a fun ride on its own, while the
Waveboat can transform to a floating sun-bed to relax on.


Sealver Waveboat comes in 5 models to accommodate a variety of jet skis on the
market as well as different levels of utilities. And now it comes with
customizable adaptor  kits to hook up any
jet ski of varied brands. Moreover the Waveboat 
is customizable to add other features: colors, seating arrangements, ski
towers, and bimini tops. Built in with several storage compartments, there is
finally a place to keep your beer cold when jet skiing off shore.


Waveboat is evolving beyond its leisure faculty to come up with a new line of
Sealver Pro for professional use. It is now partnering with French rescue
departments for on-water rescue mission.

parties will need to inquire price and regional distributor on the 
official website, but the starting price is reportedly around $10,500 for the 444 Model.
That price tag does not include the jet ski.

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