Google opens another
office in China

Following its
announcement to open an AI lab in China last month, Google is now expanding
to  in Shenzhen, heart of the world’s
hardware hub. According to Techcrunch who has acquired an internal
correspondence, Google told its staff that the office space would be a more
permanent base for staff working or business-travelling in the area. Shenzhen
hosts the majority of China’s largest tech companies, including Tencent,
Huawei, ZTE and Ali. The move is reportedly associated with Google’s plan to
make its Home devices and more in the area, where hardware and logistic support
are readily available.


The new DJI will
make appearance next week

DJI will reveal its
new drone on Jan 23,  in New York City.
The drone giant did not make a eye-catching splash in the recent CES. But the
latest promo video is dropping hints that the new product will likely be a compact,
foldable and backpack-friendly version for outdoor adventurers .


YouTube tightens
rules for publisher monetization

YouTube is raising
the threshold for channel and creator monetization under YouTube Partner
Program, as they now have to tally at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 play
hours from last year to be able to make income from ads. The previous standard
was 10,000 public views without any specific requirement for annual video


Stunning meteor
explosion over Michigan night sky

A meteor exploded in
Michigan sky last night when it was entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and casting
a brief yet spectacular show for the lucky witnesses. NASA estimates it
travelled between 40,000 to 50,000 miles to get to Earth and weighed about a
metric ton. 

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