Apple apologize

Credit: The Indian Express

Apple’s apology swapped the headlines of major tech sites. After admitting to secretly slowing down older iPhones to protect battery, Apple issues an official apology to customers and promises a $29 battery replacement that will return the affected devices to original speed and performance. 

Steve Jobs Jeans?


Apple not only lost significant customer trust over the last week, the tech giant also lost right to its iconic founder’s name. An Italian jeans manufacturer named their jeans brand as Steve Jobs five years ago as Apple had never trademarked the name. And a recent court ruling officially granted the name right to the Italian company. Not a good week for Apple.

Bad day for cryptocurrency investors

Credit: Coinotizia

The South Korea government, which oversees the third largest cryptocurrency market, issued new regulations to ban anonymous accounts and continue to monitor exchanges. The news stroke the market as major cryptocurrencies’ priced followed a big plunge, with Bitcoin down by 12% and Ethereum by 8%. 

Uber sold large stake to SoftBank

Credit: The Japan Times

Uber just sold a large stake to SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate for $7 billion investment. The exact percentage is unclear, as CNN report a 15% stake and theVerge put the number at 20%. However, this transaction significantly lowers Uber’s valuation from $70 billion to $48 billion, a reflection of Uber’s trouble-infested 2017.

Free books and movies

Credit: Lifehacker

Cnet lists a number of websites for free and legal books and movies for us. And for that, we thank you!
     (Browser-based public domain books )
       (Public domain books in a variety of formats )
           (Everything from films and television to music, some of the works in the public domain, some not)  (Scanned books, including the most notable public domain works)        (Information on public domain films)          (Volunteers read public domain books to create free audiobook versions)

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