In today’s complex and changing world, keeping tabs on children seems to be harder for parents. The nightmare comes when something urgent pops up and you can’t get in touch with your kids because they’re too young for a smartphone. The TickTalk 4 is a wearable solution that is built to relieve parents’ anxiety and make kids more reachable.

The TickTalk 4 is designed by Southern California-based TickTalk Tech LLC. The company unveiled its third generation of TickTalk smartwatch in 2018 which quickly became a popular seller. Featuring an updated tracking system and communication functions, the new TickTalk 4 4G/LTE smartwatch brings children and parents a new level of convenience with security in mind.

The TickTalk 4 comes with a 2-way voice and HD video calling feature so kids can communicate with their parents by talking, texting, or video calling. It supports individual and group chats like the last version. With the new function, kids can also add friends, send emojis and share free streaming music to create their own social circles.

What makes the TickTalk 4 more attractive is its versatility. Your kids can always enjoy unlimited free streaming stories and music powered by iHeartRadio Family without you worrying about the content or cost. The smartwatch has two 5MP photo and video cameras, so your kids could record every special moment in the process of growth. Besides, the TickTalk 4 could also work as a smart wristband to track the user’s daily activities. This allows users to share their steps goals and achievements among peers to develop a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Unlike smartphones, the TickTalk 4 has no access to the Internet, social media, or online games. It comes with 3-way smart location tracking, history routes, and SOS calling that keep parents informed of their children’s safety at all times. Using the paired app, parents will be able to locate multiple smartwatches once and know all the contacts, calls, texts, or blocked unknown numbers on their phone. They can even set daily music limits for their kids.  

Talking about unknown numbers, parents can turn on the firewall protection of the TickTalk 4 to prevent unwanted calls from strangers, which means only the preset contacts can reach the smartwatch. Together with end-to-end encrypted messaging, TickTalk 4 keeps its data safe from hackers and frauds.

As a smartwatch designed only for kids, the TickTalk 4 is claimed to be made with durable materials with IP67 water resistance. Featuring a 1000 mA battery——the world’s largest battery capacity in a children’s smartwatch——users can have a 100 standby time and finish charging in three hours.

The TickTalk 4 is launching on Kickstarter on March 9, 2021, retailing for $179.99 in Titanium Black, Galaxy Blue, and Laser Pink. The company also has some selective accessories, including kid-friendly headphones for online learning or media streaming, the power base that transforms the smartwatch into an alarm clock, and Chums watch charms that makes your kid’s TickTalk 4 one of a kind. Click here to join the wishlist.

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