The 31st Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) commenced at Lincoln Center, New York City, lasting from May 10th to May 14th with a week-long program of screenings, screenplay, teleplay readings and award receptions. This year GiGadgets partner with the Columbia University School of the Arts Program and set up GiGadgets Creative Fundation, honoring filmmakers with GiGadgets Porduction Award and GiGadgets Tech Award at the Festival.

The CUFF started back in 1987, consisting of only four shorts and a follow-up panel discussion, and now has become a true Columbia tradition, including several days of screenings, panels, and events in both New York City and Los Angeles. Valuing both the renowned tradition and creative talent from CUFF, GiGadgets created the GiGadgets Creative Fundation at Columbia University to help more young filmmakers to achieve their dreams. Under the Fundation, GiGadgets Production Award aim to help good scripts get produced, and the Tech Award to support finished films to appear in film festivals. 

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GiGadgets congratulate CUFF on the successful event and sincerely wish to extend the partnership with Columbia University in many more years to come.

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