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Mobile Living Spaces
With Innovative Coodo.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Jun 14, 2018

If you are someone who gets bored living in one place then we may have something which may interest you. Berlin based company LTG (Lofts to Go) has come up with a unique solution for people who like to travel and experience the beauties of nature by living right in it.

Coodo was conceptualized by the founder of LTG Mark Dare Schmiedel as a means to experience nature at close quarters.

A Coodo is a modular and mobile living or working space that can be transported and installed at nearly anyplace you want to. Coodo has a modern and contemporary design.

It is built using energy efficient processes and building materials. Because of it ́s compact size, a coodo needs lesser amount of building materials than conventional structures, therefore making its construction much more cost effective.

Coodo has an installed smart home system; therefore you can control everything from the shutters to the lights and temperature right from your smart phone.

The Modular design of the Coodo lets you make changes to the structure anytime you want by connecting as many additional units as you want.

The innovative, modular design of the Coodo, lets you easily relocate it anytime you want. Each unit can be separated enabling you to transport it part by part.

Because of the mobility of the Coodo, its installation is quick, economical and easy with almost no impact on the building site. This makes a Coodo a sustainable solution and good for the environment, which is an impossible feat to achieve for traditional homes. 

Moreover, due to the mobile feature, you don’t need to purchase a property to install your Coodo. A particular property can easily be rented for the Coodo to be installed in.

Coodo can be used as a home, an office space, a conference room, a store, a café, a lounge area or anything else that you can think of. Think of it as a readymade building.

The adaptability of Coodo makes it super versatile and perfect for practically any purpose. The Interiors, furnishings and the outer wall system of the Coodo can all be chosen individually.

The  most special feature of the Coodo, is perhaps the floor-to-ceiling glazing, that can be folded up to let you feel an instant connection to your natural surroundings. 

Coodo lets you enjoy nature while you stay indoors, thus helping relieve stress and recharging you in the most positive way possible. 

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