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Protect Your Little Ones Like Nobody Else
Luftikid is at your service.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Jun 14, 2018

When it comes to the safety of your children, you always make the best selection. If you are someone who frequently travels in a car and never compromises with the security and well being of your child, then Luftikid is the best choice for you.

Wondering what exactly is Luftikid? Well, Luftikid is an inflatable child passenger safety seat for kids aged 1 to 7 years.

Luftikid is portable, lightweight and extremely easy to use. Luftikid was developed in Stuttgart (Germany) and approved by the MPA, after they carried out all the necessary crash tests to ensure its safety. Luftikid is made of an extremely durable military quality material that makes it sturdy and long lasting.

The air can be compressed and is affected by the changes in temperature. Therefore the new Luftikid is equipped with a pressure gauge for maximum security.

However cautiously you drive, accidents can happen. Luftikid prevents injury by acting like an airbag. It protects the child’s neck and prevents whiplash. 

Luftikid is approved for children aged between 9months t 7years, weighing between 9 to 25 kg. Luftikid weighs around 1 kilo and is easily movable. Luftikid is very easy to maintain. Luftikid can be very easily cleaned with soap and warm water when it gets dirty. 

It’s waterproof, so if your children spill anything on it can be easily wiped off with a clean cloth. The new Luftikid is equipped with a double valve which allows for rapid inflation (less than 40 seconds) and instant deflation. 

The Luftikid can be easily deflated and packed into the provided transport bag which is 25 cm in diameter and 33 cm high.

The Luftikid is a car seat, playpen and safety airbag rolled all into one. Children can get fidgety and impatient during long car journeys. The Luftikid can be used as a playing console, to read a book, for coloring and drawing. 

It’s good for keeping children engaged and quiet in the car all the while ensuring that their safety is not compromised.  Luftikid does not damage the car seats. 

 It causes no friction on the seat of the car, doesn’t cause fading of leather or fabric, no wear or tear. Luftikid is like a big comfy cushion for perfect for your children to nap on. While you drive, your child gets the most peaceful sleep and wakes up happy and refreshed. 




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