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The Only Shoes You’ll Ever Need
Exploration Anywhere Made Possible with Tropic Shoe
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 23, 2018

The next trip you go on you’ve planned to do some sight-seeing in the big city but then you also plan to go off the grid and explore the beautiful nature nearby. Now the big question is what kind of shoes do you bring. You need a pair that works on all terrain. That’s comfortable and light on your feet and also light to carry with you.

Well with that said you will be happy to know that the ultimate travel shoe has been designed for you. The Tropic Shoe is made for exploring literally everything and everywhere. You can walk the streets of Rome or climb the Rockies with the same pair of versatile shoe.

There are so many features included in these stylish looking shoes we don’t even know what to start telling you about first. They are considered the 4- in – 1 shoe. They have the looks of your favorite daily shoe, the sole of hiking shoes, the comfort and support of sneakers and the advantage of water shoes.

Tropic shoes are perfect for walking on cement, hardwood, vinyl, streets, dirt, rocks, sand, mud, water, grass, and basically any other surface you can think of.  These shoes provide the convenience that other modern footwear is missing.  Most shoes are specialized for one thing and one thing only, but the Tropic is literally ready to go anywhere, whenever.

These shoes can go straight from the beach to dinner. They are made of high tech quick drying material that will dry by the time you reach your restaurant.  To be sure there is no wet, sweaty foot smell the shoe has also undergone an anti-odor treatment. The shoe is lightweight, weighing a mere 7 oz as they are made from breathable fabrics. They are so lightweight they even bend and are flexible to your foot.

The shoe laces are elastic to grip your foot and stay in place as well as the elastic counter heel. The shoe fits like a glove. The sole is removable which provides better cushioning and drainage. While the outer sole is made from nonslip rubber.

For 99 EUR you won’t need to buy another shoe for a long time. 

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