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Road to Sustainability
Sweden’s Venture to Conserve Natural Resources
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 28, 2018

Running out of fuel while driving is a common problem and one that almost all drivers have faced at some point. But Sweden has found a unique and sustainable solution to this problem.

On the 11 of April, 2018 the government of Sweden took a revolutionary step towards a sustainable future by opening up the world’s first electrified road, which recharges the batteries of cars and trucks while driving. The formal opening ceremony was inaugurated by the Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth.

Energy from the road is transferred from the tracks of rail via a movable arm attached to the bottom of a vehicle.

Sofia Lundberg, project manager of eRoadArlanda and Deputy Research Director at the Swedish National Roads and Transport Research Institute (VTI) is excited about this new development and promises that there is more to come. 

The electric rail has been embedded in a public road near Stockholm for along a distance of around 2 kms. The road has been divided into 50m sections. Each section powers on only when a vehicle goes over it.

The purpose behind the ambitious project is to promote the manufacture and usage of electrically powered vehicles and to combat the problems of charging these vehicles by keeping the manufacture of their batteries affordable. Sweden is trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels by creating an alternative and sustainable solution.

With the help of this initiative eco-friendly transportation may now become a reality. They are hoping to introduce this technology to other parts of the country and eventually to the world. Hans Säll, Chairman of the eRoadArlanda consortium and Business Development Director at NCC is optimistic that they can reach their goal in the near future.

This venture is a part of the consortium running project eRoadArlanda which has been undertaken by 22 partners.

The project eRoad Arlanda is run by a conglomerate with the following partners: Elways, NCC, PostNord, ABT-bolagen, Vattenfall, DAF, KTH, Kilenkrysset, VTI, E-traction, GCT, KTH, Bilprovningen, Airport City Stockholm, Sigtuna kommun, Swedavia, Arlanda Stad Holding, TraningPartner, FirstHotel, Frost Produktion, SMM Dulevo och Sandströms Elfirma.


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