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Foraying Into A Brighter Future
Gates of Light - The Innovative Architecture
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Jun 14, 2018

Ever wondered what cities in the future may look like? Well Netherlands may have given us a glimpse into the unseen and it does not disappoint!

Icon AFSLUITDIJK is a program undertaken by the Government of Netherlands to protect and highlight the architectural beauty and uniqueness of the legendary 32 Kilometer Dutch Dike, while focusing on its keys functions which are water protection, upholding of heritage, mobility and energy saving.

The AFSLUITDIJK is 32 Kms long dike, which protect the country of Netherlands against water related disasters and flooding.  It was built mostly by hand and is one of Netherlands architectural icons and a wonderful piece of architectural work. But after 85 years the AFSLUITDIJK was in need of thorough renovation.

But thanks to the joint endeavors of the Dutch Government, the surrounding municipalities and provinces, the AFSLUITDIJK has been not only been restored but augmented by the addition of a light reflective layer which adds immensely to its beauty.

The structures are outlined with small prisms that reelect light. Therefore they light up only when cars pass by. This way the reflective power of indirect light sources is being used to illuminate the structure. There is zero energy being used in the process.

The entire design is inspired by elements in nature, such as the reflective power of the wings of a butterfly. The re-design of the structure was carried out by Studio Roosegarde of Netherlands. The project was led by Daan Roosegarde along with a team of expert designers and engineers.

It’s one of three designs by Roosegarde which is a part of the project to promote a green landscape. The three designs which are a part of this project are the Gates of Light, Windvogel and Glowing Nature.

What Netherlands has done is an inspiration in many ways. If other countries invest in similar ventures we can successfully combat various kinds of pollution including light pollution and drastically reduce the carbon footprint on this planet. 

This is a start of an initiative that promises to build a better tomorrow. 

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