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Bringing A Change With TeamUnlimbited
The Prosthetics With A Difference
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Jun 14, 2018

Loss of limbs is something which is difficult to deal with. Adapting to such a situation is particularly difficult for a child. Children are active by nature. They love to play, explore and jump around.

But doing these simple things can get difficult if one of your limbs have been amputated. But two amazing individuals have come up with an idea to make the lives of amputee children a bit better.

TeamUnlimbited was co-founded by two volunteers based in Britain, Steven Robert Davies and Drew Murray. They build 3D printed prosthetics and deliver them to children all over the world who are in need of them.

It all started when Drew built a prosthetic arm for Stephen, who is an amputee himself. Drew loved it so much that he decided to become a volunteer himself.

The thing about these prosthetic devices is that each one is unique. They look more like super cool toys than assistive equipment. They are built in a way that make children excited about them. The sight of these don’t remind the children of their loss, rather makes them feel like well equipped super heroes.

The prosthetic devices enable the children to perform a variety of tasks such as picking up things, holding them, throwing a ball etc. These are simple day to day tasks. But for amputee children they are a big milestone to cross.

These prosthetics are made of inexpensive but durable material using a 3D printer. They help the children become more independent. This helps boost their self confidence and aids in their growth as a person.

Stephen and Drew have recently been recognized and registered as a charity in the UK. This is because the work that they do is completely voluntary and funded by them. They send out their masterpieces free of cost and to people all around the world.

The work that they are doing has even received praise and recognition from the prime minister of England herself. Robert and Drew were both awarded with the Point of Light award from the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May. 

Robert and Drew are trying to extend their services to a larger part of the world. They have already started sending their products to parts of USA and Australia. They are trying to build a world community where more and more children can benefit from the free services provided by TeamUnlimbited. 

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