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Keep Track of Everyone Off the Grid
Lynq Helps You Find Your People
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 28, 2018

Taking yourself and your family off the grid can be a pleasure. Going on adventures, participating in extreme sports, camping, and being one with nature can be so enjoyable. But unfortunately, tragedy can also strike. People can also become separated, accidents can happen, and then suddenly your cell phone is out of range or can’t be reached leading to even bigger issues. 

This is where Lynq can be a life saver. Lynq is a long-range tracker. It gives you the ability to really explore and the freedom to roam with the assurance you will never get lost. Think putting it on your pet to run wild, or on your child in the woods. It can be used at crowded concerts or festivals or skiing off-piste. It can even be used for the elderly such as someone suffering from Alzheimer’s.

It provides real time locations, the distance, and the direction of the connected device at all times. No network needed, no maps, no phones and works anywhere in the world. Lynq has military tested durability, is water proof and can beat the elements. The battery lasts up to three days without charging, which is more than enough time to find your loved ones.  It doesn’t get easier - or safer – then Lynq.

The Lynq works on its own, meaning it’s NOT dependent on an app, Bluetooth, or having network and there are no monthly fees involved. Lynq uses long range, low power radio frequencies to connect two devices. It is so simple to use that even a child can do it. There is one single button interface to connect two devices.  And once connected you don't have to touch it again. Just connect and go.  

You can set up a home base which means that both devices will lead you back to a meeting point. Or you can create a safe zone where the system will alert you when the other device moves outside of the designated area.

Never loose your loved ones again for only $154 USD.

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