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TeamGee Provides Speed and Freedom
The Only Longboard You Will Ever Want To Ride
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 25, 2018

You have a need for speed. You love skateboarding, love the freedom that the ride gives you. You love to be outdoors and feel the wind in your hair and hear the wooosh sound of the skateboards tires over the concrete. There is just one thing – you would love to go faster.

Now with the TeamGee long board you no longer have to wish about going faster. TeamGee has created an ultra-lightweight, only 13 lbs, electric board that goes an incredible 23 miles per hour. Now experience a ride like you have always dreamed. There are two different modes that you can ride in, one being fast at 23 m/h, and the other is cruise mode at 11 m/h. You can change between the speeds on a handheld ergonomic remote.  The motor is even strong enough to take you uphill on 20 degree incline.

Not only can you go fast but you can go far too. The long board has an 11 mile range before it needs to be recharged. And you will never get stuck anywhere since it only takes 2 hours to completely recharge.  If you do find yourself out of battery though you are able to kick push your board like you would normally.

The board itself, looks like a regular long board, it doesn’t actually look like the usual bulky e-boards that are otherwise available. It is only 4.7 inches thick which just looks so sleek. That’s because the special battery that is used is built into the deck of the long board. It is just as thick as the board is so there is no extra bulky battery packs and it remains protected from the elements. Your board still looks as slick as it should.

We all know (I think) that the secret to a good ride is in the wheels. And the TeamGee wheels are no exception. The board is powered by 380w In-Wheel Hub motors, 90mm PU wheels, which are replaceable. These wheels give you less drag, offer better braking, and weigh less then average wheels. The long board also offers regenerative breaking which means that when you slide downhill or slow down you are actually recharging your battery. Sounds good right?

Ride or die for only $449 USD.   

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