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NOW IN TECH: President Donald Trump is sued by twitter users
Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
May 24, 2018

1. President Donald Trump is sued by twitter users

Seven Twitter users sued Trump in July after the president blocked them for criticizing or mocking him on the social network. The group argued the practice violates the First Amendment. 

2. Half a million routers affected by malware

More than half a million routers and network devices in 54 countries have been infected with sophisticated malware. The malware can steal logins and passwords and can monitor industrial control systems. 

3. Uber will terminate 300 test drivers

Uber said it will pull out of the state and that all its nearly 300 test drivers there will be terminated. The move comes after one of Uber's driverless cars killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, in March while in full autonomous mode. 

4. Amazon is not as free as it seems

Amazon is allegedly to have banned shoppers for violations, which include returning items too often. Some users aren't even told what they did wrong. 

5.Unilever says the future lies in human, not AI 

AI is rising and automation are driving unprecedented change. Unilever HR head Leena Nair says in a major conference that it is time for leaders to bring back the human side of management. 

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