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Charge It Like You Mean It
Omnicharge Powers Anything Anywhere
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 15, 2018

You are a modern professional, high tech, and always on-the-go type of person. You need to be connected and online as your job requires you to be but you love the great outdoors and want to spend plenty of time in it. You go camping, you go hiking, you go on long bike rides. You stop in the mountains to take a break and answer emails. Or you’re on the beach relaxing and scrolling through your favorite blogs. Then the unthinkable happens. You run out of battery.

Some of you might say so what? You carry the average everyday power bank with you. Others say, “that never happens to me I leave home on a full charge… well when one wants to always be connected you can never be too prepared.

That’s why the Omnicharge is the power bank for you. It fits in your hand and provides all the power you need for your mobile lifestyle. You can be that high-tech individual who doesn’t spend a moment surrounded by four walls because the Omnicharge provides you with a total power experience.

The Omni 20 USB -C is the future of power. It can be used for way more than just your mobile phone. It can be used for laptops, tablets, gaming devices and more. It has AC/DC charging capabilities as well as two rapid USB charging ports to make sure it gets the job. It’s the only power bank on the market with a universal charging port too. It also has a  smart power management system that will recognize what you are charging and adjust the power accordingly.

The device is fully charged in 3 hours so you never have to hang around in one place too long and it can even be charged by solar power.  Staying outdoors has never been so easy.

It can also transfer data from one device to the other so you no longer need to bring several devices with you. Which means a lot as the Omnicharge can fit easily into you bag making it extra portable.

Charge whatever you want whenever you want for only $199 USD.

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