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Discovering The Night Sky
With High-Performing Evscope
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 19, 2018

The night sky is a fascinating thing to view. From ancient times astronomers and scientists have looked to the night skies to solve the mysteries of the universe. But nowadays looking at the night sky has become more difficult than ever owing to what has come to be known as ‘light pollution’.

Dispersed light especially in urban areas pose a problem for people who wish to study and watch the skies. The Evscope may be a solution to this problem.

The Evscope is a brand new invention from Unistellar and is 100 times more powerful than a normal telescope. At this point you may be thinking that the Evscope must be a big bulky piece of equipment which would be impossible for a single person to maneuver.

Well, you are absolutely wrong! The Evscope is portable and completely autonomous; which means that you can carry it around in your backpack. It has enhanced vision technology which provides incredibly clear views of the night sky and autonomous field detection for easy focusing.

Unistellar’s Enhanced Vision Wondering how it works? Well the main principle that it works on is the accumulation of light over small periods of time using a low light sensor, as well as algorithms of image processing that run on an on-board calculation module.

The resultant image is then projected into the eye of the observer with an extremely high contrast ratio. The effect is created gives the observer a live viewing experience. Sensor settings and image processing parameters are involuntarily adjusted.

What makes the Evscope really unique is the fact that it’s controllable with a smart phone and you can even share your findings on social media. It supports both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. It can be connected to your smart phone as well as your computer and has GPS access. Unistellar has partnered up with the world famous SETI institute to start worldwide observation campaigns.

So the next time you watch astonishing events like, such as supernovae and comets in the night sky you can actually share it over social media. All you have to do is activate campaign mode on the phone’s app. You will receive notifications. 

Connect it to the Evscope and you will harvest data while observing. Your observations can greatly benefit the entire scientific community and get the younger generation interested in the astronomical sciences. 

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