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Say Goodbye to Messy Closets
Fold. Store. Organise. With ThreadStax
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 15, 2018

Folding and organizing laundered clothes is something that takes an infuriating amount of time and energy. The most frustrating part is, knowing that it will all revert back to a big messy bundle in a few days. It’s a vicious circle of work that is hard to escape.

Whenever we are in a hurry, we tend to mess up our own hard work in order to find that particular piece of clothing. We've all been there. But our life can get a whole lot better with the revolutionary new set of tools by ThreadStax.

ThreadStax was founded by inventor Scott Kosmach. The idea came to him after he moved into a tiny studio apartment and struggled to fit everything into their proper place.

With no closet and only a few shelves in the bathroom to store his clothes, he realized that he needed to come up with a quick and complete solution to his problem. He needed to maximize the use of the entire shelf and needed something that would let him stack his clothes without tumbling.

This made him design ThreadStax, the complete closet organizing solution. ThreadStax folds and stacks all kinds of clothing items like shirts, jeans, pants, and other garments into neat and orderly stacks. Unless you deliberately trash your closet, the clothes will remain exactly as you placed them.

ThreadStax works somewhat like an old photo album. Only instead of leather binding, it’s magnets that do the trick. The clothes are folded and stacked into these ‘holders’. You can flip through them and choose the one you are going to wear without messing up the entire arrangement.

The magnets hold the stacks in place while allowing you to flip through with ease. It also includes air vents and spacers, so that items like woolens and silks that are worn maybe once or twice a year will remain wrinkle free and smell fresh as ever.

ThreadStax is built with materials that are meant to last. Instead of obsessing over making something cheap, we focus on quality. ThreadStax uses strong, anti-microbial materials for the slides, stainless steel rails to support the stacks, and the best neodymium magnets for the best organization.

ThreadStax is the product of an epic Kickstarter campaign which started in November 2015. Kosmach received tumultuous support and ideas from almost 1,400 fans and raised over $181,000 which he utilized to make ThreadStax a reality. 

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