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ADIFF Tent Jacket Transforms Into A Tent
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 13, 2018

Being an adventurer often means getting caught in different unpleasant scenarios. It’s part of the title. That means it could be either rain or shine, hot or cold, and you need to be prepared for it either way. Being ready for anything is also part of the title.

Well we just so happened to have come across an item of clothing that can help you in more ways then one. Let us introduce the ADIFF tent jacket. This jacket allows you to carry your home on your back. Literally. It is stylish enough to wear out on the streets but will also give you shelter and a place to stay when out braving the elements in the woods.

It is made out of a lightweight breathable fabric so it wont slow you down when trekking up the mountains and also won’t keep you hot. There are mesh vents to allow fresh air in and out of the jack regulating your body temperature.  Each jacket comes with 3 carabiners so that you can style the jacket differently to suit your mood, day or activity. Meaning that the front door panel unzips to become either your hood or scarf. The jacket as you could imagine (since it moonlights as a tent) is also water-resistant. It is made from recycled PET and zippers. ADIFF tent jacket comes in two colors – an orange and green.

The tent itself can sleep up to two people comfortably. It has a base width of 58 in x 58 in (approximately 150x150) or a diagonal measurement up to 82 in (or 208 cm). Inside you can sit up comfortably with 37" or about 90 cm worth of head space. The whole tent with poles weighs 3.5 lbs meaning it doesn’t get much lighter or convenient then that. Pitching your tent only takes a few minutes.

For each jacket that is sold, one ADIFF tent jacket will be donated to a refugee, homeless, or victims of natural disasters. Purchase a jacket for a good cause for $329 USD.

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