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Handi SOS - The World's Safest Button
Send Alerts & Location in Emergencies
Peter Woods
By Peter Woods
May 10, 2018

Handi SOS - The World's Safest Button

If you're into extreme sports, online dating, a parent or pretty much anyone else - Handi SOS is for you.

Handi SOS sends alerts & your location to selected contacts. It's been designed to be used in an emergency when you can't reach your phone.

It can be worn as a necklace, discreetly concealed in your handbag or clipped on clothing. You can even stick it on any surface with the reusable sticky back.

Handi SOS - The World's Safest Button

The App

Connect Handi SOS to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and download the free Handi SOS App on the Google Play Store.

You can then:

  • Sign up and provide information to be shared in an emergency
  • Pair your Handi SOS to the App
  • Create & edit groups, add contacts and assign a gesture to activate 


Gestures are ways to activate a group and send an alert message and GPS location to that group, for example - one click to send to my Family group, double click to send to my Friends group and 3 second long click and hold to send to my Colleagues.


Once activated, Handi SOS sends SMS messages to everyone in that group containing the details provided when you signed up and your current location link. When pressed, this link will open either the Google Maps App or web-app. 



  • Never charge - you're not required to recharge Handi SOS, meaning all you need to do is take it with you. The lithium coin battery will last for up to 24 months with frequent use. 
  • Sticky back - remove the clip and protective layer to reveal the reusable sticky back to stick to any surface. To reuse, just wipe the sticky back clean with a damp cloth.
  • It's tiny - Handi SOS is small enough to conceal in your pockets or clipped in your bag.

Who's it for?

Handi SOS is for concerned parents, frontline employees, online daters, extreme sports, campers, vehicle safety and the elderly. 


Violent crime is on the rise in the Capital (increasing by 20% in a year), online dating related crimes increased 362% from 2011-2015, International Terrorism is a reality. If we can't reach our phones in an emergency, no one can help.

When we need help, we need to communicate as soon as possible.


Handi SOS can be purchased now for £54.99 here.

Don’t forget to download the free Handi SOS App on the Google Play Store!

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