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The Floating Modular City
View Into The Future With Waya.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 09, 2018

Global warming and rising ocean levels is a problem that could potentially turn into a massive issue. The Waya is a venture by the Italian company Jet capsules to counter this problem and provide a safe haven for humans in future. The Waya is a concept inspired from Mayan and Japanese architecture.

So what exactly is the Waya? Well, it’s a pyramid-shaped floating modular city which has everything that the human civilization could require to survive. The framework which will be composed in part from fiberglass, carbon, and steel, will be assembled piece by piece from the basement placed directly in the water.

The modular Waya pyramid will offer different living and entertainment settings, such as hotel, shops, spa, gym, pubs and movie theatres. The Waya pyramid will be made up of different modules overlapped on the floating basement, which measures around 54 meters X 54 meters in the largest module, extending the surface to about 3000 square meter. The basement will hold a huge entrance for boats and the reception giving way to the rooms.

The Waya will be subdivided into ten different floors with a total surface of 6500 square meters. The entire structure will reach a maximum height of 30 meters from the waterline. The Waya modules can be combined with another floating basement, thereby creating another customized floating building.

There will be solar panels and water turbines to provide clean energy for all the systems of the Waya pyramids to work. Desalinators located in the storage under the main level will be used for purification of saline sea water. The storage space in the submerged part of the pyramids is used for the engines, equipment, generators or supplementary energy resources.

Wayaland is the city of the future offering an alternative new offshore living experience. It’s a self-sustainable community built by the humans and for the humans on the water surface. The floating modules will be anchored to keep them in position and will be also easily adjustable.

The Waya’s designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini is planning to initialize the building of Wayaland. A crowd funding of the smaller two floors module (10m x 10m) has already started on the official Waya website  The designer needs €350.000 to build the first suite of the Waya.

You can become a contributor by making the necessary payment via PayPal on and become a citizen of Wayaland with your very own Waya passport.     


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