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NOW IN TECH WEEKEND: Apple belongs to Buffet
Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
May 07, 2018

1. Apple belongs to Buffet

Apple company was not the only one last month trying to scoop a big deal from last quarter’s discount. Reuters reported that Berkshire Hathway, investment firm launched by Buffect, had carved nearly all traded shares with Apple, Inc. 

2. UK orders Cambridge Analytica to handover American’s personal data 

Britain data privacy watch dog ordered Cambridge Analytical to hand over all personal information it currently holds. Data privacy activists say that it sets a precedent that would enable millions of other U.S. voters to request information that the company had collected on them.

3. Elon Musk is in trouble for his comments

CEO Elon Musk acknowledged it was foolish of him to call Wall Street Analysts snub and ignore their questions. Analysts believe that his overlooking may cause Tesla lost the ability to raise next round of capital. 

4. Fortnite is changing the game business

“Fortnite,” a sort of hybrid of “The Hunger Games” and “Minecraft,” drops 100 people onto an island to fight each other for survival. It is a game-changer in the industry, analysts have said, because of the huge revenue it is making from “tween” and teenage boys purchasing outfits and other add-ons.

5. Printing body parts is now a true statement 

Three-dimensional printers are letting doctors in Minnesota make simulated body parts in a hospital and a Brooklyn startup create rocket engines designed to put satellites into orbit. 

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