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The Answer to the Global Plastic Problem?
Man Invents a Paper Bottle That Can Disintegrate In 3 Weeks.
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 03, 2018
It is no secret that the worlds’ oceans are turning into our plastic landfills. There is a global plastic crisis happening and soon it could be too late to reverse the negative effects humans have had on mother nature.  That doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying though. People around the world are working around the clock to try and come up with eco-friendly solutions to help reduce our carbon footprints, in hopes of saving this planet for our great grandchildren. For example, a man based in Edinburgh has invented what we hope is the water bottle of the future.

The inventor, Mr. Longcroft, has created a bottle that is made from plant-based materials on the exterior with a waterproof lining on the inside that is fully biodegradable.  When it is thrown away, either in a landfill or in the ocean, the paper begins to decompose, due to the elements.  Only when the outside is compromised, which can happen within a few hours of being thrown away, the bottle will begin to disintegrate from the outside in. It has a shelf life like any other bottle of water, approximately 18 months, perhaps slightly less.  Even sea life will benefit as they can even eat the bottle!

“The main hurdle we face is breaking into a saturated market and competing with an old and established industry”, Longcroft has said. “Changing an industry will be a massive uphill battle but with the public's support we will change the way we look at bottled water”, he said.

The bottles are currently being hand-made, which clearly is not feasible for the long run. He’s running a crowdfunding campaign in hopes to raise enough capital to mass produce the bottles. You can support this initiative and our planet here.

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