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NOW IN TECH WEEKEND: T-Mobile and Sprint made a $26 billion all-stock deal
Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
May 02, 2018

1. T-Mobile and Sprint made a  $26 billion all-stock deal 

The two wireless carriers attempt to convince the regulators by promising to deploy 5G and bring more jobs. The new merged company would be the second-biggest wireless provider in America if the deal is completed.

2.Apple is developing a VR-AR wireless headset

The headset which will run on Apple’s own chips could launch as soon as 2020. It is reported that the headset would have an 8k display per eye with higher resolution than the best TVs and smartphones available today.

3.China’s Baidu to digest its financial services unit

A consortium led by TPG Capital Management LP invested $1.9 billion in the deal which is expected to close in 2 or 3 months. The new brand “Du Xiaoman”will be operated independentlyBaidu will own 42 percent of Du Xiaoman’s  shares after the transaction.

4.China’s new auto brand to build sport utility vehicles

Lynk & Co, affiliated with Geely and Volvo, has already compete with GM. Peugeot and other Chinese automakers. The brand plans to launch in Europe next year and bring brand to US to flag global challenge.

5.Jeff Bezos’Blue Origin launch its new Shepard rocket

The rocket, which is actually a reused rocket and capsule, blasted off from the west Texas desert at noon last Sunday, signed that Bezo’s company now joins Elon Musk’s SpaceX as pioneers in the pioneering field of rocket recycling.


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