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SUP, Dude?
The All New Powered SUPjet, That’s What
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 28, 2018

Sticking with our summer theme, we had to tell you – there is a new stand up paddle board in town. Getting down to the beach and onto that water is our main priority. There’s no other place that we would rather spend our free time this summer. And with so many different things to do out in the water and different sports to take part in there could possibly be a different activity for each day.  But now with the SUPjet you may have just found the sport you are going to stick with.

The SUPjet stands tall at 11 ft 6 in (3.5 m) and can be your regular SUP (Stand Up Paddle). But it can also be so much more. It can also be a full speed high powered electric watercraft! Just kidding. But it does have an electric motor that can help you through those tired moments if you just want to sit back and enjoy the scenery that is surrounding you. It can  give you that much needed extra boost after a long day on the water.  It’s as easy as pushing a button and the SUPjet's emission-free electric motor will move you along at 5 mph (8 km/h) for up to an hour and a half. And don’t worry if you fall off the board the ankle strap is designed with a magnetic shut off system to switch off the motor, so you’ll be able to climb back on.

The motor is located in a pocket on the bottom of the board, so it wont slow you down if you choose to paddle and not use it. This pocket also has a cover so there is no chance for the propellers to be struck or get stuck on anything. The board is made out of EPS Foam and epoxy resin.

The battery is easily detachable so whenever it needs to be recharged you can simply detach it and bring it home with you to charge using the included charger.

The SUPjet can be yours for $1,288 USD and has a $99 USD flat fee for shipping anywhere in the USA.

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