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With Premium Lifting Solutions.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 03, 2018

Mquip is a Canadian, family-owned company producing first-class vacuum-lifting equipment which is used by clients involved in multiple industries. Mquip equipments are available commercially all over North America.

So why choose Mquip? Well the vacuum lifting equipment produced by them is high on safety, requires less manpower, causes less damage and involves less handling time. Mquip attachments are battery powered. They provide effective moving and lifting solutions to customers, who get a much higher return on their investment.

Mquip makes a variety of vacuum lifting and moving tools. You can purchase customized merchandise or choose your product from their wide inventory. Some of the products that they make are:

Vacuum Lifting Crane Attachments

Vacuum lifting crane attachments can be attached to an expandable assortment of heavy lift and construction equipment with custom and universal fittings that are being used every day in an increasing number of industries.

Vacuum Lifting Forklift Attachments

Forklifts can sometimes be the best and the fastest way to get jobs done, Mquip’s vacuum lifting attachment for forklifts are an ideal companion to this trusty utility stand-by.

Vacuum Lifting for Pipe Handling

Large utility piping can be tricky and unsafe to shift around because of its shape. With Mquip’s vacuum lifting specifically for pipe handling, you can now do away with the hassle of added straps, harnesses, and extra manpower. 

Civil Engineering and Site Use

Mquip’s vacuum lifting attachments and smaller systems can often be found at the sites of civil projects. Their products are perfect for transferring or replacing the heavy pipe and repositioning concrete fixtures.

Custom Vacuum Lifting Solutions

Curved or irregular surfaces such as machine pieces or concrete structures are sometimes required to be moved for construction. Mquip provides customized vacuum lifting solutions for these special requirements as well. Parts and accessories for the Mquip vacuum lifter is in stock at all times. Mquip does custom work as well. There is a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty on all equipment.

Most industries require the relocation of heavy objects at some point or the other. Mquip provides a wide variety of technologies that are required by landscapers, commercial construction teams, heavy equipment operators, metal workers, window and cladding fitters, crane operators, and home builders. The fact that the Mquip components are battery powered makes them a good investment with high returns and totally environmentally friendly. In order to purchase Mquip vacuum solutions you can visit the link given below: 

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