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Life Without Scratches And Crutches
The hands-free walking aid
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 02, 2018

Many people are not fond of crutches and hand scooters owing to the inconvenience they cause by engaging either one or both of your arms. They are equally painful for the hands, wrists, and underarms.  The Iwalk 2.0 is an award-winning solution for all below the knee injuries. Iwalk is a brand new invention in the field of walking aids. By giving its users' hands-free mobility, the Iwalk enables them to maintain an independent and functional lifestyle.  

The Iwalk 2.0 has multiple useful Features. It is easy to assemble at home. No extra tools are required for the assembly of the Iwalk 2.0. It’s completely hands free and equally pain free allowing you total mobility.

Daily activities that were difficult to perform earlier with the use of traditional crutches or knee scooters can now easily be done thanks to the Iwalk. Therefore you can now get back to your daily routine and lead a healthy and functional lifestyle. Whether it’s making a cup of tea or walking the dog, now you need not depend on anyone else to go through the day. The Iwalk even lets you go up and down flights of stairs without difficulty.

The Iwalk can be modified according to the size, height and size of the leg of an individual. A push button spring adjustment works like standard crutches and lets the user adjust to the height of the upper and the lower leg independently. The thigh support provides alignment and stability.

It’s also useful for people who are ‘knock-kneed’ or ‘bow-legged’. Calf Strap Mounts attached to the rails that run along the length of the knee Platform can be repositioned by hand to bring the calf strap forward or backward. This lets the user alter the standard strap position that might irritate an injury. Below knee amputees typically position the strap further forward to accommodate their residual limb.


Using the Iwalk may appear tricky but it’s actually very easy, spontaneous and safe. It works on the basis of muscle memory and lets you walk like you have always done. IWALK 2.0 was launched to the public at Medtrade, the largest medical device expo in North America. It went on to bag all the awards and received a lot of adulation. At the following Medtrade, iWALK2.0 did it again.

The medical community has continued to recognize the iWALK2.0 as the most inventive, useful and affordable device that you can buy.



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