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NOW IN TECH WEEKEND: Research shows Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa
Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
Apr 30, 2018
1. Research shows Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa

Digital Marketing company Stone Temple released a research shows that Google Assistant is way smarter than Alexa, starring virtual assistant product of Amazon. The research was based on a 5000 questions exam which each assistants will be asked to provide answers within a short period of time. Amazon is improving, but this year, the winner is still Google’s assistant in terms of smartness. 

2. Gmail new feature allows automatic scan

Google announced Wednesday that the newly built in AI technology will allow the mail scanning service much smarter than before. This new feature allows people to get high-priority notifications, make smarter response, and cancel subscriptions automatically. 

3. Amazon is following Elon Musk’s step

The world richest man wants to warn Elon Musk that he is not the only man with the ability to make rockets. This week, Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin plans to send its New Shepard rocket on its 8th test flight. If succeeded, rockets might become a commercial vehicle that human takes to go outer space. 

4. Blockchain goes into children’s book

A new story with a main character blocky now went viral in the United States. As the first children’s book in worldwide to explain blockchain to children, this book made everything simple and fun to read. 

5. A new watch could be as think as your skin

New smartwatch from Carnegie Mellon University now is available in your arm, literally. The technology allows people to stick the watch like an interface on your arm as think as a bandit. People could stick directly on their skin and you will only feel it when you need to. 
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