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Hands-Free Assistant Device For those with Limited Movement
GlassOuse Uses Head Movements to Control Your Technology
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 30, 2018

Here at GiGadgets try and curate the best of all forms of tech. Some of the good, the outlandish, the wacky, the cute, and then the tech that make the big difference. The kind of feel-good technology that can totally change someone’s life. 

For example, the GlassOuse Assistive Device. This is a pair of glasses for those with limited mobility who cannot use technology because of these limitations. GlassOuse now gives them the ability to use tech like anyone else.  You wear them like you would regular glasses and if you already wear glasses you can wear them on top of them. It works the same way as a Bluetooth mouse. It connects to mobile phones, computers, tablets and smart Tv’s. 

The device is designed to be lightweight so that it is comfortable for everyday use. It tracks your head movements and moves the cursor accordingly. It is built to be sensitive and will move with the slightest movements but with maximum accuracy. 

Now you are probably wondering how someone will click on their desired location. Well no, the GlassOuse doesn’t read your mind but it does provide three different tools that can be customized based on the wearers needs and mobility. The first is a bite click part that looks similar to that of a headset. Biting down on this takes care of clicking. It has a flexible cable so can be adjusted to for the wearers use and is made from a waterproof silicone. 

The second option is a Puff Switch. This works by simple puffs into the blow trigger converting the puffing automatically into clicks. The switch will shut off after 3 hours of no use and if the battery runs out it can be changed as simply as a one changes the batteries in the remote. 

Lastly there is the Finger Switch. This has a super long cable which can be mounted to any kind of surface with its sticky bottom. It allows the user to use their finger, head, elbow or any other part of their body to do the clicking.

GlassOuse Version 1.2 can be yours for $499 USD while the bite, finger, and puff switch are all purchased separately. Version 1 however, comes with the bite switch and can be yours for $399 USD.

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