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The LED Costume Which Makes You Go "Wow"
Fun time with lights.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 26, 2018

Royce Hutain, the CEO, and founder of Glowy Zoey came up with the idea of a LED costume while trying to think of a creative Halloween costume idea for his daughter Zoey.  Royce created the costume using LED lights left over from the stickman snowboarding suits created by him for snowboarding at night. He took a short video of his daughter in the costume and uploaded it online for his friends to see. The video soon went viral. He got calls from shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America. Glowy Zoey, as his daughter came to be known as, had become a sensation. His decision to start the business was based on requests from people all over America, who mailed to him enquiring about the stick figure costume.

The Glowy Zoey LED Stickman Costume is not like a cheap Halloween costume available at any costume store and is meant to last just one night. These suits can be worn even during skydiving and can withstand temperatures below -20 Degree Fahrenheit without a problem. It is the brightest LED stick figure costume available on the market and therefore also the most visible on dark night streets. Unlike cheaper costumes made with El Wire, Glow Sticks or Tiny LED string lights can’t match up to the Glowy Zoey’s light output. The Glowy Zoey is available for both children and adults. The adult costumes are made with anywhere between 150 to 190 incredibly bright LEDs. They will light up each of your steps. 

The Glowy Zoey LED costume comes in two parts and includes everything that you need. One part is the garment, which is fitted with straps for attaching the LED lights. The other part is the battery box and the controller. You need 8 AA batteries or a rechargeable battery to light up the Glowy Zoey Stick Figure suit. The company provides a 120 days warranty on all products and they will replace any faulty parts which malfunctions under normal use.

The Glowy Zoey LED costume is a fun and innovative costume for both kids and adults. The effects created by the costume look quite stunning in the dark. The whole family can get in on the fun new sensation that is Glowy Zoey as it’s available in three sizes for adults, kids, and toddlers. The adult size is priced at 98.99$, the kid-size at 79.99$ and the toddler size at 69.99$. They can be purchased here

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