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Aerones - One Drone, Many Solutions
Multitasking Drones Are The New Cool.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 05, 2018

Aerones is a Latvian company making heavy lifting drones for multiple purposes. These drones are highly powerful and can perform a series of specialized tasks which includes firefighting, rescue, and delivery. Apart from this, these drones can perform a multitude of other tasks. Let us find out in detail about what the Aerones drones can do.

The Aerones drones can be used for industrial cleaning as these drones can reach up to 100 meters in a few minutes making them perfect for cleaning high-rises and other tall structures which are difficult for humans to reach. In the same way, they can also be used for the maintenance o wind turbines. It can endure heat at a close distance and therefore is being used for firefighting, as it can reach great heights eliminating the use of ladders, fly in narrow spaces and avoid obstacles. It can rescue humans from fires, drowning and falling through the cracked ice. They can deliver cargo to places which are hard to reach. Apart from these, they are also being used for sports and entertainment purpose.

Aerones drones have been developed using high end technology. Given below is a breakdown on the working of an Aerones drone:

·         Safe Construction-They are created using aerospace grade material which gives them a strong and rigid frame.

·         Sensors-It has two accelerometers, 5 gyroscopes for accurate angle determination. It has no magnetometer or GPS which can be jammed.

·         Controllers-It has two superfluous controllers in case one fails.

·         Parachutes-Has 3 parachutes which eject automatically in case the drone freefalls. It only takes 5 meters to deploy parachutes.

·         Telemetry-Low-latency protocol. The motor temperature and health of the battery is constantly monitored.

·         Stabilization algorithms-The unique system enable piloting in harsh weather against strong winds.

·         Long Hours-It can fly for long hours even if the electricity cable is not attached due to built in batteries for up to 20 minutes.

·         Control redundant-The drone flies with the help of the signal provided through the cable. When signal is not received the drone is operated via RF.

·         Thermal and RGB camera-This is used for hotspot identification and operator’s vision to aid piloting.

·         Radar-It can avoid obstacles and be aware of surroundings even in thick smoke.

·         Additional Features-it has 28 motors and 16 hotplug batteries. Therefore ensuring that it never fails.


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