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You'll Wonder How You Lived Without the Sobro Side Table
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 26, 2018

Furniture and style is a very personal thing. It's what makes your home feel like home to you and reflects you and who you are. Some people prefer a little bit more of a vintage looks and others prefer ultra modern. There is one thing we can all agree on though, and that is that people like practical and useful furniture.  

Enter the Sobro Smart Side Table. By incorporating technology, this multi-tasking table has all the right features to tickle every ones fancy and become an essential part of everyone’s bedroom or living room. It’s list of features help to simplify your life and eliminates the need for several gadgets that just clutter your room and space.  Your table is no longer just a lamp holder.

To start with the Sobro has a few different drawers. One drawer can be locked for valuables or privacy while the other is a cooler. You no longer need to get up in the middle of the night to get yourself a cool drink from the kitchen as you can keep those cool beverages next to you in your bedroom.

The Sobro is connected, in more ways then one. It can provide wireless charging for up to two phones but there are also two USB ports and outlets in the back so you have optional ways to charge your devices. And to maintain the sleek organized look there is a wire management system at the back to hide all those messy cables. There’s also a Bluetooth speaker that can play your favorite tune while you get ready in the morning.

On the Sobro app you can put your table into night mode. This will make the LED lights on your table act like the sun to help you wake up as naturally as possible. The app also has white noise for you to choose from and sleep to. At night if you get up the Sobro will sense your motion and the LED light bar will softly turn on acting as a smart night light.  The LED light will also be able to change colors and create the mood that you are looking for. You can pick the color you want on your app or leave it in party mode and it will adjust with the music.

The table will also have wifi connectivity so that so that it can controlled remotely and updated as tech continues to develop.

There are 3 colors available at an early bird price of $399 USD.



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