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Make Your Car Smart
Raven Keeps You Connected. Always.
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 25, 2018

What's your car like? Basic. Have you ever been ashamed of your ride? Are you still pushing buttons and turning knobs on the dashboard? Now there's a way to upgrade your car without having to spend $1000’s of dollars.  Meet the Raven. It is the smartest upgrade you could ever make for your car. Suddenly you have cameras, navigation, displays, notifications, and gesture control!

All the technology you could have ever wanted or imagined for your car is now available in one little device. For starters, there are two built-in HD cameras that can record what’s happening in front of the car and inside the car. These videos are then automatically sent to your phone via the LTE wireless connection that Raven provides with its monthly plans starting from as low as $8 USD/month. So, capturing that dog riding the motorcycle that cut you off no longer requires you to grab for your phone and put yourself in danger. Or are you having the ultimate karaoke sesh with your friends. Don’t worry – that’s captured too.

Your security system is always on, detecting accidents, break ins, and funnily enough bad driving. Alerts will be sent to your phone to let you know that something is up when you have stepped away from your vehicle, allowing you to go check on your car before it’s too late.

Directions are no longer a problem. Raven also won’t let you get lost. It provides a smart navigation system that will tell you when and where to turn so you don’t need to awkwardly check your phone. It gives your speed also so can make sure you are keeping the legal limit and informs you of real time traffic updates. Raven has on OBD (on-board diagnostic) tool that will let you know if there is something wrong with your vehicle. Taking the guess work out of your car troubles.

Raven makes sure your loved ones are safe by allowing you to monitor the vehicle from anywhere on your smart phone. It can tell you anything from how fast the vehicle is going, where it is, and if there are any issues. You can even get live streaming from inside the car to your phone. Parents will love this feature. Teenagers perhaps not so much. :D

Whether parked or on the road you will always know what’s going on with your car either on the Raven or in the Raven app. Even when you’re not together you are always connected.

Its super easy to set up with a basic plug and play installation. Download the app available for both iOS and Android. Plug in the device to the OBD-II Port for power, place the Raven on your dash or windshield and drive!

Raven can be yours for $299 USD.

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